Our Practice

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new patient to our practice. Both the doctors and the staff take pride in the quality and comprehensive level of our services, provided in a professional, comfortable, and caring environment.

Our primary goal is to provide our patients with an optimum level of comfort, function, and aesthetics and the ability to minimize future dental needs.

We would also like to offer our patients the most innovative and successful advances in dentistry that are available. This includes high quality comprehensive implant dentistry. This gives our patients the important opportunity to experience the natural comfort, appearance, and function of implanted teeth.

Both doctors and staff are committed to the pursuit of excellence. This includes all areas of patient care, utilization of the most modern procedures and equipment, respect for our patients' time, and empathy for their feelings.

Our concept of care involves excellent doctor/patient communication. It is most important to assist the patient in understanding both the cause and effect of any problem, so that future difficulties can be avoided. Patients are encouraged to make the doctor and staff aware of any questions that may have about their treatment.